Oct 012012

For an isolated environment (no Internet access) without a repository of any kind, I had to figure out what packages to include in the Kickstart process for newly deployed CentOS 5 servers.  The below configuration change was made on a CentOS box that was not part of the isolated network, but was built from the same exact image.  This configuration ensures that all packages are retained on the box instead of being deleted after they are installed.  The directory where the packages will be retained is /var/cache/yum.

To configure yum to retain downloaded files rather than discarding them, set the keepcache option in /etc/yum.conf to 1:


Once yum.conf was configured, Package Updater was run and all rpm packages were downloaded and retained in /var/cache/yum.  I then was able to tar/zip up the files and incorporate them into the Kickstart process.  New updates will need to be introduced into the isolated environment in some other manner to be determined at a later date.

Additional Reading

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